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Daily Bible Verse - 1/27/2008 - Proverbs 3:9

NIV Honor the LORD with your wealth,
with the firstfruits of all your crops;
KJV Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase:
NASB Honor the LORD from your wealth
And from the first of all your produce;
Proverbs 3:9

A biblical view of possessions demands using them for honoring God. This is accomplished by trusting God (v. 5); by giving the first and best to God ("firstfruits"; cf. Ex. 22:29; 23:19; Deut. 18:4); by being fair (vv. 27, 28); by giving generously (11:25); and by expressing gratitude for all He gives (Deut. 6:9-11). The result of such faithfulness to honor Him is prosperity and satisfaction.

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The ancient Israelites gave to God the "firstfruits," the firstborn of the flocks and the first crops gathered at harvest time. These were dedicated to God by formally presenting them at the temple on the day of Pentecost (Num. 28:26). Giving to God the first and the best of one's harvest indicated a recognition that everything belonged to Him.

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