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Proverbs 22:9 - A generous man will himself be blessed

NIV A generous man will himself be blessed,
for he shares his food with the poor.

The promise here is very simple: The person who seeks to relieve the wants and misery of others will be blessed.

What sorts of blessings do we receive when we share with others? The practice of giving out of a generous heart enables us to escape the hold of material things and the power money has over us. We are also freed from unexpected disappointment that descends when financial success fails to satisfy the soul. Instead we grow emotionally and spiritually as we experience fulfillment through real stewardship and the joy of loving sacrifice.

Giving to those in need is not an obligation, but an opportunity. Think about your standard approach to money and belongings. Ask yourself, "Am I holding on with a tight fist or offering my open hand to share with those in need?

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