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Exodus 20:15 - You shall not steal

NIV You shall not steal.
KJV Thou shalt not steal.
NASBYou shall not steal.
Exodus 20:15


When someone steals something, in essence they are being their own provider. They are thinking, "God has not taken good enough care of me, so I will have to supply this for myself..." We are not keeping God first in our life when we steal. Stealing betrays the fact that we think we can provide for ourselves in ways that are better and richer than God! We put our provision for self above his-in essence making our self into a god over our lives. Also, when we want something that God has not yet chosen to provide in our life, and we want it bad enough to steal for it, we have made that thing into an idol. "I must have it!" We have effectively placed that "god", and our own desires, before God and his perfect will and provision in our life. So we see that stealing something is not just a matter of it being wrong to take something that is not ours, but it's an offense to our good and generous God.

Today's Commentary by:
Caesar Kalinowski, Pastor, Soma Communities