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Daily Bible Verse - 11/17/2007 - Psalm 105:1

NIV Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.
KJV O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.
NASB Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name;
Make known His deeds among the peoples.
Psalm 105:1
The psalmist calls to memory what God did for His people in fulfillment of the covenant with Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3; 13:14-17; 15:13-21; 17:7, 8; 26:3, 4; 28:13-15).
is the key idea of the psalm: the psalmist wanted to remind God's people of His goodness.

Radmacher, E. D., Allen, R. B., & House, H. W. (1999). Nelson's new illustrated Bible commentary (Ps 105:1-6). Nashville: T. Nelson Publishers.

Did you know?
The first 15 verses of this psalm (Psalm 105) were used as a psalm of thanksgiving to the Lord when David brought the ark to Jerusalem (1 Chr. 16).

Thomas Nelson, I. (1997, c1995). Woman's study Bible . (Ps 105:1). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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